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Since the kidney disease develops as a complication of diabetes, collagen diseases, blood disorders, and is influenced by the hemodynamics of the whole body, knowledge and perspectives in other fields are required widely in clinical practice. Also, body fluid regulation and dialysis in end stage renal disease have a serious effect on the physiological function and pathology of the cardiovascular system of the whole body, so not only diagnosing the kidneys but also conprehensive understanding of the pathology of the cardiac-renal-brain network including blood vessels. Our division of kidney and hypertension has over 300 alumni and is the largest single division specializing in the kidneys in Japan. And it is one of the few division in the world that is able to care all patients with kidney disease from urinary abnormality to dialysis, transplantation and  kidney regeneration. We are proud of ourselves that are the most suitable environment for systematically learning nephrology. Against this backdrop, we have focused on conservation of the vasculature of the whole body centering on the cardiac-renal-brain network, built a strong cooperative relationship with specialists in other fields, and promoted the prevention and treatment of kidney disease. In Japan, entering unprecedented aged society, it is assumed that medical treatment of the elderly with chronic kidney disease will be very common and that the necessity of the kidney hypertension physician will increase more and more in the future.

Why do not you join us together with medical treatment and research on comprehensive kidney disease as a lifelong supporter of patients with chronic kidney disease?

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